21 Day Reading Plan

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Fasting & Reading Plan :: 2018 ::


Day 1

We don’t have to fast for forgiveness. Every wrong we have done and will do was forgiven at the Cross.
Reading: John 1

Day 2

Fasting enables us to tune out the world’s distraction and tune in to God.
Reading: John 2

Day 3

When we pray and fast, we don’t do so to change God or His will; by praying and fasting we are the ones changed.
Reading: John 3

Day 4

The level of our agreement with God will determine the degree of closeness in our walk with Him.
Reading: John 4

Day 5

It is from a state of grace, not legalism, that we will find real and lasting transformation.
Reading: John 5

Day 6

When we’re facing struggles, we must rely on God’s power alive within us through the Holy Spirit.
Reading: John 6

Day 7

Many times, we can lose our passion in prayer or stop praying for certain things altogether because we lose heart or give up but God invites us to keep them before him and trust Him for an answer in His time.
Reading: John 7

Day 8

You cannot earn God’s pleasure, but you can experience it to a greater degree as you follow Jesus Christ.
Reading: John 8

Day 9

Fasting is the deep cleaning that helps us take our mind off the things of this world and instead have a refreshed focus on the things of the Spirit.
Reading: John 9

Day 10

The most earnest prayers come from us when we recognize our need for God.
Reading: John 10

Day 11

Prayer is not just about the answer; it’s also about glorifying God in the process of waiting for the answer.
Reading: John 11

Day 12

Fasting is not an end in itself; it is a means by which we can worship the lord and submit ourselves in humility to him.
Reading: John 12

Day 13

Fasting is a means of disconnecting from the distractions of daily life and consciously choosing to bring God into greater focus.
Reading: John 13

Day 14

The purest motivation for our prayers is that God will be glorified and that His will would reign supreme in our lives, just as it does in heaven.
Reading: John 14

Day 15

While prayer is our declaration of our dependence on God, our spoken words can be the manifestation of what’s happening in our hearts.
Reading: John 15

Day 16

When it comes to the transforming power of God working in someone’s life, God often uses people to bring about divine life change.
Reading: John 16

Day 17

Approaching God with a heart of humility will always position you to find relief in Jesus.
Reading: John 17

Day 18

Our timeless God owns the future. He knows exactly what is going to happen, and He promises to be with us every step of the journey.
Reading: John 18

Day 19

Jesus was so powerful in public because he was so prayerful in private
Reading: John 19

Day 20

God’s new wine always changes us by expanding our faith, enlarging our purpose, and bringing renewed vision.
Reading: John 20

Day 21

Fasting and prayer are essential to receiving a clear vision of God’s specific path for our lives.
Reading: John 21