Small Groups


Small Groups are how we build community at Cross River Church. Being a part of a Small Group is the best way to help a big church feel smaller. In a Group, you’ll connect with people in similar stages of life or with similar interests. Together, you’ll build community and foster spiritual growth.


Become a Small Group Leader

Whether you want to facilitate a Bible Study or an interest based group (ie Sports, Movies, Food Tasting, Book Club, Stroller Moms, or anything else) let us help you fulfill your purpose. To become a small group leader, you will need to complete the Growth Track and a leader orientation. For more info, email


Fall Semester Groups

Name Day Time Leaders Childcare
College & Career TBA TBA Astrid & Giovanni Bernabe No
Outreach TBA TBA Tonda Washington No
Dinner With Ms. P Monthly on Wednesdays TBA Ms. Penny Hipp No
Food & Fellowship Monthly on Saturdays TBA Bill & Marilyn Oaks No
Women – Divorced/Broken Monthly on Tuesdays TBA Geretta Watson No